Qingdao Likang Food Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Likang Packing Co., Ltd located in the seaside city---Qingdao is a leading company in China aseptic packaging industry, our product is the multi-layers laminated flexible aseptic packaging materials for liquid food. It is widely used by the famous dairy, juice and beverage companies both home and abroad.

The annual production capacity is 8 billion packs.

1. Company History

1) 1956---The old factory (predecessor) Qingdao Renmin Printing Factory was established.

2) 2001--Qingdao Renmin Printing Factory changed name to be Qingdao Renmin Printing Co., Ltd after SOE reform.

2001--Began to study and produce fresh-keeping packaging material for liquid food.

3) 2004--Start studying and producing aseptic packaging material for liquid food.

4) 2007--Qingdao Renmin Printing Co., Ltd entered into NASDAQ stock market.

5) 2010-Start building the new production facility Qingdao Likang Packing Co., Ltd.

6) 2013--New plant with an area of 65063 square meters was put into production

2. Company Qualification

1) We are a main drafter of the national standard "Paper based laminated material using for aseptic packaging of liquid food" and "Paper based laminated material using for fresh-keeping packaging of liquid food"(Gable Top Packaging).

2) We are one the first batch of companies passing the production license audit of Shandong province in 2006.

3) Passed HACCP audit in 2006.

4) Passed BV social responsibility audit in 2014 for Nestle.

5) Passed BV FSC certificate in 2016.
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